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Case: Kanthal - CRM & Marketing Automation


The client

Kanthal, an expert in industrial electric heating technology and resistance materials, is providing products and solutions to a wide range of industries on a global scale.

Kanthal invests extensively in R&D and collaborates with industry experts to ensure that it remains at the forefront of technological development.

The challenge

Kanthal had recently implemented Marketo, an Adobe-made marketing automation tool. Now the company needed to leverage the tool’s capabilities to maximize returns.

An already identified weak spot was the fact that the tool was not currently connected to the CRM, leaving gaps in tracking and insights.

Together with agencies Spoon and Trickle, an upcoming global marketing campaign was planned and Kanthal needed a partner to fill the gaps they had within Marketo – hence, they reached out to The Domain Was Taken.

The solution

The first step was to act as a daily support and sounding board for tasks and development in the tool, complementing the team at Kanthal. 

Next, we did a full audit of the current usage and compared it to the capabilities of the tool. The audit resulted in a number of hands-on actions to improve workflows, ensure correct tracking, and actions to keep the data in good health.

We integrated Marketo to the CRM with data synced live two ways. This

  • allowed sales to see and act on marketing activities and vice versa, and
  • reduced workload and reduced errors in marketing activities.


We created a new lead lifecycle model with a defined set of stages that the lead takes during its lifecycle, which gave Kanthal:

  • better control of data with no double-count of or missing leads, and
  • more precise and timely sales and marketing activities.

We launched a global marketing campaign including the creation of lead forms, landing pages, popup messages, templates, and internal lead flows. During the campaign, we could

  • track progress in real time, and
  • make continuous improvements.