The Domain Was Taken - Data and Strategy Consultants

We help companies stake their territory

We deliver diagnosis, strategy and tactics needed to enter, grow or move a market position. Request case studies.

Brand Strategy – We partnered with Moet Hennesey to create an influencer strategy for the APAC region. Request case study.

Network Analysis – We helped Samsung map what online networks that influence the purchase decision. Request case study.

Digital Diagnosis – We work with CSN to deliver data and tactics to optimize their online user flows. Request case study.

Brand Strategy – We built the strategy with Högskolan i Halmstad on how to bridge the gap between their brand vision and business goals. Request case study.

Högskolan i Halmstad

From Insight to Execution

We are a strategic partner to clients that need to visualize and determine how to grow their business. We work with a mix of digital diagnosis, brand planning and tactical activation. If you feel like you’re working without clear purpose or just not making the most out of your growth opportunities, give us a call.

We can help you with:

Digital Diagnosis

Finding the biggest opportunity for your business to grow.

Brand Planning

Creating a clear strategy for seizing that opportunity that spans all parts of your communications.

Tactical Activation

Using the best tools possible to realize your strategy and reach your goals.