The Domain Was Taken

Digital Marketing Specialists

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The Domain Was Taken

Digital Marketing Specialists

Become a Digital Leader*

We offer a structured way to rise to the top of your industry by making digital capabilities the driver of your business.

*Like FAR who became

#1 in online education for finance professionals

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What makes a Digital Leader?

A Digital Leader should "Own the Topic", "Own the Customer" and "Own the Data".

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The Digital Leader Framework

Own the Topic

Become the authority within your field

Provide valuable content to become a trusted expert to your customers and dominate search results.

Own the Customer

Take control over your customer journeys

Be in charge of the customer journey to be able to delight customers and deliver personalised experiences.

Own the Data

Collect and act on first party data

Gather first party data to empower your whole organisation with good data and insight to act.

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Grow and optimize your inbound traffic

We help clients optimize and grow their inbound traffic with our proven process and a dedicated team of skilled specialist.

People People People

The Domain Was Taken is a part of People People People, an agency network across the Nordics, fluent in anything you might need – digital analysis and growth hacking, PR, content distribution, movies and animations, performance marketing and much more.

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