Cohort-Based Accelerator Program
Growth Bootcamp

12 week accelerator program led by Jesper Åström

A digital bootcamp designed to put your business, goals and assets in focus.
An educational experience where you go beyond Learning by Doing, and Learn by Growing.
12 weeks
April 1 - June 20, 2021
30 000 SEK / Month
Who is this for
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurial led companies that are looking to make their marketing a serious business investment.
  • Larger businesses and organizations who are looking for a fresh start in their marketing approach.
What you will get
  • The ”Learn by Growing”-methodology will let you put what you learn into direct action at your company.
  • Led by Jesper Åström, Swedens leading voice on growth marketing.
  • An interactive cohort-based learning experience designed for mid-to-senior level professionals working full-time.
  • Get access to a network of peers to exchange experiences and learnings.

Why I created Growth Bootcamp

Have you participated in an engaging MasterClass or workshop, only to realize that the inspiring lecturer’s ideas weren’t possible to implement when you got home?

Not because they were bad ideas. But because you didn’t have the tools, strategies or organisation to get started. I developed the Growth Bootcamp based on 21 years experience in the field of digital tactics from large and small businesses all over the world. Based on over 500 product launches, local and global advertising campaigns and cutting edge viral content promotions I designed a flow that would meet the need for consultancy help and coaching that most businesses experience as their circumstances change along with new technology, user behaviors and consumer needs.
Digital consultancy has traditionally been focused on billable hours whilst education hasn’t been designed to “take back home” from the educating institution. We believe that this isn’t only filled to the brink with bad incentives but also that it destroys capital that could be used to hire more people, invest in better technology and build strong and stable clients who want to do new and fun things, rather than barely being able to afford business maintenance.
The ambition of the Growth Bootcamp is to utilize the latest technology for problem solving and growth without having to make the client dependent upon the consultant. The aim is rather to empower the client so that they can grow on their own from a new plateau after the program is finished. 
Growth Bootcamp is designed as a learning journey where you do all of the things that you learn along the way. We believe that growth is as much a way of working as it is a mindset and so it is important to not only try to do things along the way but also to grow things. That is why we designed a learning journey where the participants “Learn by Growing™”.
Jesper Åström
Meet your instructors

Jesper Åström


21 years experience in the field of digital tactics from large and small businesses all over the world consisting of over 500 product launches, local and global advertising campaigns and cutting edge viral content promotions.

Creator of Growth Bootcamp.

David Larsson


Expert in the intersection of content and performance marketing, with 7+ years of experience in social media growth (paid, owned and earned).

Heads up the strategical offering at Trickle.

Victoria Gudmundsäter


Over 10 years of experience turning market and customer insights into business value.

Appreciated lecturer at Berghs.

Patrik Lythell


An expert brand builder and strategist who brings 10+ years of marketing experience to the classroom.

Creator of the Practical Positioning™ framework.

Lisa Bergsten


Savvy project management and coordinator with a knack for making things happen. Extensive experience from top agencies within PR, brand strategy and content creation.

Johan Byrgren


Programmatic genius and technical analytics wizard. Helps you find the best answer to your most pressing questions.

Lecturer at Berghs.

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