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We are on a journey to build the next generation digital agency. For us that means balancing strategic thinking with hands-on execution.

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Data & Insights

Head of Data & Insights Patrik Lythell

Patrik Lythell

Leads the Data and Insights team. Creator of the Brand & Growth Scorecard Framework. Previously Creative Director at Oh My and the first Creative Technologist hired at Ogilvy & Mather London.

Head of Insights Viktoria Gudmundsäter

Viktoria Gudmundsäter

Leads market and customer research. Previously Head of Insight at MediaCom and recognized speaker on using insights to create business value.

Senior Insight Specialist Josephine Larsson

Josephine Larsson

Senior Insight specialist developing best practice within customer research, with extensive industry experience within market research while working at Kantar Sifo.

Data, Analytics & Tracking Specialist Filip Flinta

Filip Flinta

Combining theory with practice to identify and communicate actionable insights derived from data to relevant stakeholders. Previous experience working in the financial technology industry

Data, Analytics & Tracking Specialist Sylwia Gardefors

Sylwia Gardefors

Tracking and analyzing the data to create actionable insights. Previously at Medieinstitutet and Data Talks

Data, Analytics & Tracking Specialist Espen Kjeslrud

Espen Kjeslrud

Analyst and SEO specialist. Enjoys working with data and extracting insight through visualization and dashboard solutions.

Marketing Tech & Automation

CRM & MA Specialist Olivia Vallström

Olivia Vallström

Customer journey analyst and magician building workflows that creates business value and smiles on customer faces.

Marketing Automation Specialist Ludvig Brandt

Ludvig Brandt

Marketing Automation specialist. Deep knowledge in martech and customer journey orchestration. Previously in the Fintech industry.

CRM & MA Specialist Juliën Greve

Juliën Greve

I have worked for over 13 years as a data analyst, 3 years as a marketing manager and 4 years as a project manager. My main focus over the last ten years have been marketing automation.

Search & Site

Strategy & Business Development

CEO Stefan Tärnell

Stefan Tärnell

Result driven marketing and strategy nerd with a proven track record from startups and larger organizations. 20+ years of experience. Special skills within building new teams and transforming less mature organization towards growth.

Founder & Client Director Filip Dalhamn

Filip Dalhamn

Leads operations and oversees partnerships. Previously Business Director at Oh My and acting advisor for several startups and venture capitalist firms.

Senior Search & Site Specialist & Client Director Christofer Fager

Christofer Fager

Search & Site Specialist. Key account manager. Previously at Spoon Agency.