Launching a real estate disruptor

Startup Blok had established themselves on the Finnish market and it was now time to disrupt the Swedish real estate market. With a digital offering, transparent pricing and a can-do startup attitude we helped them channel all that into a launch campaign that saw them build up a leads library of more than 15 000 apartment owners in a matter of weeks.

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Brand Building
  • Sales Activation
  • PR
  • Marketing Mix & Channel Strategy


  • Creative Assets & Production
  • Digital Analysis
  • Digital Performance
  • Media Optimization
  • Campaign Dashboard
Leads driven in the first four months
Increase in brand awareness
Most viewed apartment on Hemnet
Three Key Insights

Need for distinctiveness in todays crowded marketplace

Too many brands fail the first hurdle of marketing in todays crowded space. Desperate to find the most engaging topics sometimes you just have to consider, do people even know it's even you who's talking? With a fear of just pushing the category and not the brand we worked hard to dial up the distinctiveness of the brand making them stand out in the space. Big logos, clear brand colors and a sonic and visual queues that did not resemble anything of the competition makes for a good start.

Power of personalization in sales activation

Customer Experience

Allowing consumers to take shortcuts is a win

The ”X for Y” formula is a great way for allowing new consumers to get to know a new brand. Zooming out and realizing that everyone is not thinking as much about your company as you is an important but bitter pill to swallow. People will make mental shortcuts anyway, being ahead of them and guiding the shortcut you want to create is key when establishing a new brand. Making sure that Blok was positioned as the startup and the digital player in the real estate industry was crucial. We made sure that shortcut into a highway for consumers.
”It’s very hard to find someone that can combine brand building and sales. TDWT does just that.”
Country manager at Blok